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Welcome and Congratulations on finding genuine dollar value tyres along with old fashioned service here at A1 SuperCheap Tyres.

Firstly allow me to introduce myself… With over 20 years in the tyre industry, I have seen many changes in the way product is manufactured and marketed. All major corporate brands carry excessive pricing to offer dealer incentive such as kickbacks to persuade YOU the customer why you should choose their brand over anyone else.

Such tactics include life and emotional loss or hardship if you purchase a less “known/quality” brand, this emotional sell is being used every day and sadly people are believing these lies.

As an importer (My Suppliers) of tyres into Australia, it is legislated that NO TYRES are to be sold unless they meet stringent Australian DOT standards.
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As a Gold Coast tyre retailer (A1 SuperCheap Tyres) I have unbiased choice of selling what I truly believe is value for money without the attached corporate fees. If you're looking for affordable NEW car tyre’s without the INFLATED price then look no further..!

We specialise in generic range product designed by the big named brands – driving the cheapest bargains to your pocket. Driving your budget dollar further with quality and unbelievable factory back up. We personally test and recommend all new products we sell, here are just some of the brands we recommend: