Having to deal with a flat tyre is pretty frustrating, not to mention an expense that you may not have expected. 

That’s when it’s time to call A1 Super Cheap Tyres where you we can either fix the flat tyre or help you replace it. But how do you know which one is the better option? Knowing more about when it’s ok to repair the tyre and when it’s not, can help you figure out the best thing to do for your vehicle. Here’s the information you need when you’re stuck with a flat tyre. 

When It’s Ok to Repair the Tyre

There are some instances when it’s completely fine to have your tyre patched rather than replaced. Not only can this save you money, but it’s also a bit less time consuming and can get you back on the road more quickly. If you have a slow leak, such as from an embedded nail or screw, a patch is likely an appropriate option. 

Our experts will remove the tyre and inspect it to be sure there isn’t any further damage and then will apply a patch that stops the leak and gets you back on the road. It’s best to leave this job to the professionals so you can be sure it’s leak proof. In some cases, your tyre’s warranty may cover the repair, costing you nothing. If you do have to pay out of pocket, a repair job is much less costly than a replacement tyre. 

When You Should Have the Tyre Replaced

While a repair job is sometimes fine, there are many other cases when a replacement is a better option. We offer a range of tyres at many price points so you can choose the best option for your vehicle. If your tyre goes flat very suddenly and you drive on it all, you should definitely have it replaced right away. If your tyre makes a thumping sound when it rolls, the damage is likely internal and cannot be repaired. Damage that exposes the wires or cords inside can’t be fixed and the tyre must be replaced. A visible puncture, bulge or bubble also indicates damage that cannot be repaired. In some cases, we wouldn’t recommend repairing the tyre, even if it might be possible. That includes if the tyre has previously been repaired, it’s gone flat due to impact or the tread is getting low. 

When it’s time to buy replacement tyres call A1 Super Cheap Tyres. The number one place for tyres on the Gold Coast.

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