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The Best Quality Cheap Tyres You Can Find

If you’re looking for NEW tyre’s without the INFLATED price then look no further! We specialise in generic range product designed by the big named brands. When it comes to high-quality cheap tyres on the Gold Coast, we're the experts. Driving your dollar further with Quality and unbelievable factory back up. We personally test and recommend all new products we sell.

Leading Tyres Brands At The Cheapest Prices

Just because our tyres are the cheapest you'll find on the Gold Coast, it doesn't mean we sacrifice quality. At A1 Super Cheap Tyres we stock leading brands like Bridgestone, Pirelli, Black Bear, Pace Tyres, Sonar and more! We have one of the largest ranges of tyres in the market.

With over 15 years' experience in the tyre and wheel industry, our Gold Coast tyre shop has tyres for every budget and vehicle. No matter what type of tyre you're looking for - from everyday passenger tyres to high performance - we have something to suit every wheel size and type.

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At A1 Super Cheap Tyres, we believe in safety above all else.

That’s why our Gold Coast tyre retailers are committed to providing locals with expert wheel alignment services.

It’s always best to have your wheels aligned as soon as possible to prevent premature wear and tear.

Not only will the rubber on your tyres be affected, but your suspension systems may also be susceptible to unnecessary damage.

Stop a small problem before it becomes a big one!


When Should You Have Your Tyres Changed?


Shallow Tread Depth

When the depth of the tread on your tyres gets shallower than 3mm, they will no longer be able to gain enough purchase and friction on the roads to keep you safe. To avoid scary sliding and bad driving in wet conditions, you need new tyres with a deeper tread.

Shaky Drive

If your driving experience has started to become rather ‘shaky’ over time, then it might be down to the fact that your tyres are no longer even on all four corners. A fresh set that are all equal in size and quality will restore that smoothness that you would have been used to from before.

Visible Tyre Cracks

Small signs of wear and tear are normal in healthy tyres, but if you start to see cracks that are visibly deeper than normal, it is a clear sign to get rid of those and opt for a new batch. Those cracks aren’t going to go away or get better.

Bulges In Your Tyres

If there are any weird bulges across any area of the tyre, then it is a key sign that something has been damaged internally that isn’t going to fix itself. Time to get to the nearest garage!
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So, next time you need to change or update your tyres on the Gold Coast, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us here at A1 Supercheaptyres.

Feel free to contact any member of our hardworking, expert team and they will be more than happy to answer any questions that you might have. Our main goal is to get you fitted with the right tyres and back out on the road in as quick as time as possible.

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