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Gold Coast Wheel Alignment Specialists

At A1 Super Cheap Tyres, we believe in safety above all else. That’s why our Gold Coast tyre retailers are committed to providing locals with expert wheel alignment services.


Why do you need to get a wheel alignment?

It’s always best to have your wheels aligned as soon as possible to prevent premature wear and tear. Not only will the rubber on your tyres be affected, but your suspension systems may also be susceptible to unnecessary damage. Stop a small problem before it becomes a big one!
Measuring the alignment of the wheel  – Wheel Alignment Gold Coast, QLD

What are the signs of needing a wheel alignment?

You may have experienced the symptoms before. If your steering wheel shudders or vibrates from time to time, or more commonly, if your car pulls to one side of the road, then give A1 Super Cheap Tyres a call.

We all know how expensive mechanical servicing can be, especially new tyres. Let A1 Super Cheap Tyres help protect your investment. Our mechanics will measure your wheel alignment in degrees and adjust them accordingly to ensure appropriate angles are met. Wheels need to be parallel to each other, and perpendicular to the ground to achieve the safest and most durable tyre results.



  • Shuddering or vibrating in your steering wheel when you're driving or slowing down
  • If you can feel your car pulling to one side, even if you're not steering in that direction
  • Uneven wear on your tyres means that one tyre is being worn down faster than the other, and is a sign of misalignment
  • Squealing tyres can be a sign of uneven suspension and can exacerbate misalignment issues

For a comprehensive guide on how to tell if your wheels are misaligned, read our blog post on signs you need a wheel alignment.
Mechanic checking the alignment of the wheel  – Wheel Alignment Gold Coast, QLD

How do your wheels become misaligned?

There are are usually three main causes of misaligned wheels:

  1. Sudden jarring of the wheels, most often by impact from hitting or running into something, for example, gutters, potholes or minor accidents
  2. Faulty suspension, often through general wear and tear over time, will cause an imbalance on your cars wheels
  3. Vehicle or height modifications will also cause misaligned wheels if the suspension is not adjusted accordingly
Measuring the alignment of the wheel  – Wheel Alignment Gold Coast, QLD