Why You Should Always Have a Spare Tyre Ready

If you are like most working and active people, then it’s pretty fair to assume that you spend a lot of time every day and every week getting from place to place in your car. We all try to be as safe and responsible when out on the road as possible, but does that also include the requirement of having a spare tyre ready and waiting in your boot?

It’s not necessarily something that happens every day, but should the occasion arise when you do get stuck in the middle of nowhere in need of a new tyre, you are really going to wish you had put one in your trunk when told to! Here at A1 Super Cheap Tyres, we think every single driver should have this in mind. Here are some of the biggest reasons to have spare tyres on the Gold Coast.

It’s The Easiest Way To Fix A Flat Tyre

The biggest and most obvious reason is that having a spare tyre to hand means that you never have to worry about getting caught out in the middle of nowhere. Our country is so big and wide ranging that one of the worst things in the world would be to get a catastrophic puncture with nobody nearby to help. With a spare tyre nestled in the boot, all you have to do is get it out, pop it on, and you are back on the road in no time.

It Can Help With Insurance Costs

In some cases, if you can prove that you have a spare tyre in your car at all times, you can get a cheaper rate on your insurance. Firms see that you are safeguarding yourself in a responsible way and you can be rewarded for this.

Better Safe Than Sorry

Although it is currently not a legal requirement to have a spare tyre in your car, you never know when that law might be revisited and changed. To avoid finding yourself on the wrong side of law without even realising it, it’s best just to invest in a good quality spare and then you never have to worry.

Visit Us For The Best Prices On Spare Tyres

So, if you need to get yourself sorted out with a new spare tyre to keep in your car boot, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us! We have been supplying tyres on the Gold Coast for over 10 years. We can guarantee that we have something for everyone in our stockroom. We look forward to being able to fix you up with a solid spare.

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