Cheap Tyres On The Gold Coast

Tyres are one of the most important parts of your car, and it is vital that they are in good condition before you start to drive. You can replace your tyres with affordable cheap tyres on the Gold Coast. If you are not sure when your tyres need to be changed, A1 Supercheap Tyres can offer you some basic advice about spotting changes in your tyres. 

Minimum tread depths for tyres

The tread depths allowed on tyres varies from country to country and reading online information that is not right for your country can lead you to make mistakes. In Australia, the tread depth is 1.5mm, and this the legal limit on your tyre. Any less than this could lead to you being pulled over by the police. 

Understanding tread depth

If you are not a specialist in tyres, then you may not know how to tell that your tyres are not in good condition. The first thing that you will need to examine is the tread depth. There are two ways that you can do this. 

Finding the tread wear indicators

On the tyres themselves, there are things called tread wear indicators. These are small bars which have been moulded into the tyres. They run in a horizontal line on the tread and can be clearly seen. As the tyre starts to wear down, these bars become more visible. If more than one of these bars are obvious to the naked eye, the tyre will need to be replaced. 

Using a gauge

If you can't see the bars on your tyre or are uncertain if they are visible, then you can check by using a particular gauge. You can find these at petrol stations, or you may find it easier to use a ruler. Place this on the bottom part of the tyre, and you measure the length of your treads. 

Check for visible damage

Another issue which may indicate that you need to take action and replace your tyres is that your tyres have clear signs of damage. Bulges on the side of the tyre, cuts or slashes, or missing pieces of tyre all mean that you need a new set as soon as possible. 

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