It’s definitely possible to find cheap tyres on the Gold Coast that are a good quality and that you can depend on.
A1 Super Cheap Tyres is your go-to source for affordable tyres for just about any vehicle you drive.
We have a range of brands at prices you can afford and are always here to help you get safe and durable tyres for your car, truck or van.
Before you buy, here’s what you should know about saving money on tyres and how to do it right.

Buy at the Right Time

Our tyres are always offered at affordable prices, but it’s always a good idea to watch for sales of specials, which are often advertised by manufacturers and the savings passed on to you.
Many experts say that the best time to buy tyres is in April or October because as the seasons change, you will want tyres appropriate for the weather.
You can often save money at these times as tyres go on sale to coordinate with the changing seasons.

Watch for Rebates

Many tyre manufacturers offer rebates from time to time that you can cash in for savings on your new tyres. 
We can help you find the ideal tyres for your car, but we can also answer questions about rebates and help you find them and redeem them. 
This is a great way to get a quality set of tyres and save some money at the same time.

Get the Right Size

You get better mileage and a longer lasting set of tyres if you choose the size recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. You can find this information by referring to your owner’s manual and figuring out what size is best.
We offer tyres from many brands in a wide range of sizes and we can help you get just what you need in no time at all.

Practice Proper Maintenance

Taking good care of your tyres is one of the best ways to prolong their lifespan and save money on having to buy them again soon.
Check your tyre pressure on a regular basis and inflate or deflate the tyres accordingly to be sure you’re wearing them evenly and putting too much pressure on them.
It’s also important to have your tyres rotated regularly as well so keep them wearing evenly so they perform properly.

Call A1 Super Cheap Tyres today to get a free quote on new tyres for your car, truck or van.
When you buy new tyres from us, we also suggest a wheel alignment to ensure everything is set up correctly.
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