Choosing tyres on the Gold Coast is important for keeping you safe on the road as well as for enhancing the performance of your car and ensuring that you don’t encounter problems stemming from the wrong tyres. Wet weather requires special consideration when it comes to the tyres on your car. A1 Supercheap Tyres offers a wide selection of tyres for all your driving needs. Here’s how to know your tyres are a good choice for driving in wet weather.

Tyre Grooves

If you take a look at your tyres, you’ll notice that there are tread lines that go all the way around the circumference of them. These circumferential grooves help pull water away from the tyre when you’re driving in wet weather so that your car doesn’t lose traction and slide around. If you need tyres for wet weather, be sure you are getting a good tread so that the water is syphoned back as you drive.

Type of Rubber

Tyres are constructed from varying types of rubber compound and you want a softer rubber compound if you need wet weather tyres. We offer tyres from several top-quality brand names so you can choose the precise rubber compound you want so that you are safe driving in wet weather here on the Gold Coast, whether it’s summer or winter.

Contact Patch

The contact patch is very simply the part of the tyre that touches the road as you drive. The contact patches on your four tyres essentially carry the weight of your vehicle and you want a narrower contact patch for wet weather. This is because less of the tyre comes into contact with the road, which reduces the risk of slipping and sliding if the roads are wet. We can help you determine what width of contact patch is best for your vehicle.

All Season Tyres

Living on the Gold Coast means pretty mild winter weather so all season tyres are a good choice as they offer protection in wet weather but are also safe to drive on in other types of weather. However, a better choice may be summer tyres, which have a softer rubber compound are specially designed to be driven in wet, rainy weather. They’re ideal for the lovely climate we enjoy here on the Gold Coast

Call us today for a free quote on wet weather tyres for your car on the Gold Coast. We are happy to advise for all vehicle types.