The correct wheel alignment on the Gold Coast is important for preserving the function of your vehicle and the integrity of your tyres. At A1 Super Cheap Tyres, we offer many tyre services, including wheel alignment, which is always done by trained professionals. 

Having your wheels aligned regularly is highly recommended and keeps you safe behind the wheel. Not sure if it’s time to have an alignment done? 

Here are some signs that will let you know you need to give us a call.


Shuddering or Vibrating

Feeling a shuddering or vibrating feeling in your steering wheel when you drive or when you slow down is one of the best indicators that you need a wheel alignment. 

You might experience this feeling when you’re accelerating or when you’re braking, but it’s one of the top things to be on the lookout for when you’re trying to decide if you should make a wheel alignment appointment with us. 

Pulling to One Side

If, when you’re driving, you can feel your car pulling to one side, even if you’re not steering in that direction, you probably need to have your wheels aligned. 

Not only can this cause uneven wear on your tyres, but it’s not safe either so an alignment as soon as possible is important.  Ignoring this problem will only make it worse so it’s best to have it addressed as soon as possible. 

Uneven Wear on Your Tyres

Another sign that your tyres aren’t aligned properly is uneven wear. If you have a look at your tyres, you should be able to see if this is a problem right away. If your tyres aren’t wearing evenly across the tread, it’s probably because your tyres are misaligned. 

Uneven tyre wear can compromise the distance you can drive on a tank of gas, causing you to spend more at the pump. 

Squealing Tyres

Squealing tyres are another indicator of misaligned wheels. You have probably heard squealing when your brake pads need to be changed, but a squealing sound coming from the tyre itself could be telling you that you need to let us have a look at your tyre alignment. 

Letting the problem go can shorten the lifespan of your tyres and compromise your safety on the road. 

The correct wheel alignment is essential for safe and comfortable journeys. Call A1 Super Cheap Tyres for an appointment for wheel alignment on the Gold Coast

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