Wheel Alignment

Why do you need to get a wheel alignment?

At A1 SuperCheap Tyres, we believe in safety above all else. That’s why our Gold Coast tyre retailers are committed to providing locals with expert wheel alignment services.

It’s always best to have your wheels aligned as soon as possible to prevent premature wear and tear. Not only will the rubber on your tyres be affected, but your suspension systems may also be susceptible to unnecessary damage. Stop a small problem before it becomes a big one!

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What are the signs of needing a wheel alignment?

You may have experienced the symptoms before. If your steering wheel shudders or vibrates from time to time, or more commonly, if your car pulls to one side of the road, then give A1 SuperCheap Tyres a call.

We all know how expensive mechanical servicing can be, especially new tyres. Let A1 Super heap Tyres help protect your investment.

Our mechanics will measure your wheel alignment in degrees and adjust them accordingly to ensure appropriate angles are met. Wheels need to be parallel to each other, and perpendicular to the ground to achieve the safest and most durable tyre results.

Wheel Alignment | A1 Supecheap

How do your wheels become misaligned?

Wheel misalignment can happen in a number of ways. Most often, they are thrown out of whack in events like striking a pothole or curb at speed. Wheel misalignment also occurs with age. If your tyres are bald and in need of rotation, they could be causing your wheels to angle in or out, which dramatically increases the likelihood of damage occurring.

Regain complete control of your steering and improve the safety of not only everyone on board, but passengers and drivers in other cars too. A1 SuperCheap Tyres, Gold Coast’s premier tyre retailer, recommends having your wheels aligned with every rotation, which should be roughly every 10,000km.

Trust A1 SuperCheap Tyres to have your vehicle back on the road in optimal condition. As the Gold Coast wheel and tyre specialists, we promise a fast, efficient and honest service at a reasonable price. Call us today for more information.

Wheel Alignment | A1 Supecheap

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